• Accurate and real-time information on secondary sales order, billing, sales return, payment collection across the distribution channel Full automatic DA and Tentative and actual Expenses calculations by distance calculator
  • Better field level planning of Routes and Retailer visits
  • Auto access to the Proposed Visit Plan or Tour Plan on the mobile devices anytime anywhere
  • Effective measurement of Target Vs Achievement of Individuals and Team.
  • Sales team will clearly concentrate more on their Sales activities rather then offline clerical work for DSR submission
  • SR can easily add new Retailers and make immediate sales.
  • Accurately and timely capture the orders from retailers and pass it on to distributors for quick replenishment.
  • Helps to build efficient production planning with the help of actual sales insights from the market
  • Empowers implementation of measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track sales performance based on region, area, sales person, SKUs, Brand, etc.
  • Provides Item wise, Retailer wise, Sales Person, Distributor wise … Sales Analysis
  • Integrates sales data with C&F agents, stock keeping partners, suppliers, distributors, sub-distributors, dealers and retailers on a single platform and facilitates easy and on-time time sales information processing
  • Auto Reporting of MIS & Sales information using Email schedule
  • Instantly locate your sales workforce anytime anywhere
  • Availability of Real time Market feedback after launch of new Products
  • Reporting and MIS made available directly in MS-Excel

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