Software Maintenance Services

Software Maintenance in the process to maintain a existing software. Its stands for tnhe all changes takes palces after softeware delievery. There are some types of changes may occure in the software after delievery. Client Requirement may changes Market Condition may changes Hosting modification may occure Organizational changes   Client Requirement may changes: After softwareRead More »

ERP Solution

ERP stands for Enterprises Resource planning. Enter prises resource planning is a full shut solution to manage a business. By usin ERP solution user can collect, store and manage the information of their business. ERP provides: Production planning, cost management Manufacturing of product and servicing delivery Can Manage Sales Inventory management Shipping and payment managementRead More »


Software is a simple program that interacts with the user and the hardware of computer system. Types Of software: There are three types of software: Application software System software Mal-ware software Application Software: Application software is the software that perform useful task for the user and interact with the user. System Software: System software isRead More »

Enterprises Resource Planning

#ERP (Enterprises resource planning) is process management software that enables organization to manage all the facts and automate all back office function with an integrated application. #ERP is software that a company or organization uses to manage collect store from many business activity. Types of ERP according to the business Large enterprises ERP Mid EnterprisesRead More »

Carrying Cost

Sometimes I use keywords and phrases without realizing that they can seem like a foreign language to people who are just learning about inventory management. I’ll start by defining Carrying Costs. Carrying Cost – The amount of money a company spends to keep record safe and stored over a certain length of time. It is also knownRead More »

Stock Control System

Stock control system is a very important for the business. A stock control system tells us that what the amounts of product present in the stock are. To control the stock of any system a stock control system play very important role. A stock control system requires to have  Ensuring that products are on theRead More »

Human Resource Management System

 HRMS: HRMS stand for the human resource management system. The main role of the HRMS is making relationship between human resource management and information technologies. The activity of the human resource management system maintaining the database to integrate IT and Human resource.  Where it integrates all the information from other resource and maintain the database.Read More »

Steps to choosing best ERP Software

1-Analysis 2- Check for the fit technologies Software 3- Understand the total cost of owner ship 4-Implementation plan 5-Know about the system how it make it help for business improvement 6-Keep your option open 7-Look for objective and independent advice. Analysis: ERP is a first and most important thing for the business starting.  You requireRead More »

Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Relationship is an important task to maintain the business growth if you lost your older customer in making the new customer then the growth will not increase according to your expectation. CRM is a process by which an organization can have record of their old and new customer. By using CRM we can understandRead More »

Inventory Management Planning

Valuable Inventory management is aimed to find the solution between the high availability of items and the distributors according to the company rule and regulation. Client or user may require high quantity of item while you have less in quantity then inventory management helps you to maintain the situation according to the demand and availability.Read More »